Art Show

Come and be a part of the excitement for our 1st Ever Member Art Show, hosted by the GFWC Alachua Womans Club on September 14th! Please note some of this info may change as we continue to plan, so please check the event page for up to date info.

All GFWC members artwork can be dropped off at the clubhouse starting Sept 12. Times will be announced soon. All art pieces will be on display in the Tea Room till our meeting on the 14th.

Entrants must be GFWC members only, but guests of members are welcome to attend the show! SUBMITTING ITEMS: All submissions, must have been completed by the club member within 1 year of the art show date (nothing prior to Sept 2022). No item may be entered in more than one category. The category assigned at the local level may not be changed at the district or state level. Each member is responsible for entering her artwork in the proper category. Category lists to be posted soon. Use the 2022-2024 forms only. Current forms are available on our website and the GFWC Florida website. All members must sign the Release Form.

Members that have grossed $1,000 or more from sales of arts and crafts, paintings and or photography or teaching classes of this type in the twelve months preceding the competition, may not compete.

We welcome a diverse range of submissions (see category lists), including paintings, photography, mixed media, 3D artwork, crafts, etc. Please write a brief description on a 3×5 inch card that explains the planning and execution of the design, or unusual technique or material, etc. and firmly attach to the item(s). All entries must be accompanied by a completed Entry Form signed by the artist. This form will serve as a release allowing the club to use and/or display the artist’s work on the club’s website, and social media pages.

Small items (like jewelry) may be mounted on a display board.

Doll clothes may be displayed on a doll. If both are handmade, attach a 3×5 inch card indication which category the item is being competed in (ie, Doll or Doll Clothes).

Mark your submissions with a directional arrow, if necessary, showing which direction is up for being displayed.

Once all submissions are in, staff will cast their votes, and we will announce the top three artworks online and at our club meeting on Thursday, Sept 14. Artwork will be displayed on the club website and its social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

Size Requirements:

Craft items may not be larger then nor weigh more then one person can carry.

Paintings and Drawings should be no larger then 33 inches on any side and can be no smaller then 12 inches on any side, including the frame.

Each photograph must be 8×10 inch print. All photographs must be mounted on a rigid 8×10 inch board and overall thickness may not exceed 3/8inch. No mattes, frames, or hangers are to be included. Include the following information on the back: Members name, name of club, district number, division, and category name. Mark your item with an arrow indicating the top of the photograph.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the organizer, Emelie Matthews, Lori Swarthout or Joan Imler @