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CLUBHOUSE VOICE MAIL:  386-462-5204  Call for an appointment to tour clubhouse.



Included in Use Fee

  • 199 chairs
  • 18 round tables (60”)
  • 5 rectangular tables (8’)Kitchen Amenities: Refrigerator, Small Microwaves (2)

Use Fees

  • Pro-rated fees are available for partial days and for 3-day packages.
  • Stand Alone One Full Day $650
  • A $250 Security Deposit*
  • Your requested date is reserved as soon as the Deposit is received by the Treasurer.
  • Additional time may be arranged on Friday for a Saturday rental at a discounted price.
  • Audio/Video System: In-ceiling room speakers divided into 8 zones with fully adjustable volume controls, 4 microphones with plugs in both rooms, DVD player, CD player,Drop-down video screen is available for a nominal fee of $50. There is a port to plug in a computer to the sound/video system, if you provide all cables.
  • Packages may be arranged by calling 386-462-5204
  • Local Schools please call 386-462-5204 for pricing.

Decorating:  Command Strips and tension curtain rods may be used. NO NAILS, TACKS OR TAPE OF ANY KIND MAY BE USED ON ANY SURFACE. Candles may be used, but you must remove any wax spills.

Parking:  You may park at First Baptist Church as long as they do not have an event at the same time.

Cleaning Supplies:  Brooms and mops are in the kitchen. The Dumpster is next to the street, out the kitchen door.

Security Deposit will be returned as long as there is no damage (which includes tape residue, tack and nail holes) to the building or to any of the provided supplies, the trash is taken to the dumpster, and the building is left basically clean (no food or trash left on the floors, etc.)


2017 Use-Agreement

Clubhouse Availability

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